Environmental Permits

If your business manages or produces waste or emissions that pollute the air, water or land you may require an environmental permit. Here’s a checklist for you to follow:

  • Check if there are any basic rules around your activity – you won’t need to do anything further if you can meet all the conditions.
  • Do you qualify for an exemption? If you do then applying for exemption is simpler and has faster approval turnaround. (A standard or bespoke permit application usually takes up to 3 months to be processed. An application for an exemption usually takes 5 days to be processed.)
  • If you don’t qualify for an exemption then you must apply for an environmental permit. Before you apply find out what type of permit you need.
  • Certain activities also require a permit from local authorities. Make sure you check if you need to apply for a local authority environmental permit.

If you need help deciding what kind of exemption or permit you should apply for or any other advice in filling out the application contact the Environment Agency.

The price of a permit depends on the type of business activity and the environmental risk. There are additional charges if your activity is complex or deemed risky to the environment – check the guidance. It’s free to register all exemptions, except exemption T11 for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) repair and refurbishment, which costs £840 for 3 years. Environment Agency


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