Environmental Consultant Career

Want to discover How to be an environmental consultant?

Here is a number of steps you should take:

1. Get a Bachelor’s degree. Environmental consulting calls for a sound basis in science, so select a degree in biology, geology, chemistry or environmental science. In order to help increase your abilities, you might want to go after a minor degree in business, public relations, construction, education, law or communications. This may determine your future internships or your duty in an environmental consulting firm.

2. Try to find an environmental consulting internship. While you are still in undergraduate studies, or taking a break for the summertime, obtain internships with private companies or government departments. This will certainly give you an advantage over other graduates, as you will certainly get experience and associations that will certainly help you acquiring a position after college.

3. Obtain a job in a relevant area. The majority of consulting positions ask for 2 to 5 years of work experience so you may need to work up the ladder at your place of employment in order to broaden your ability. Exactly how do you break in? Apply for jobs as a technician or field agent, to ensure that you build up experience in obtaining, evaluating and processing environmental samples.

4. Take a look at doing Honours or a Masters. Many positions out there in the environmental consulting arena are now going to individuals with enhanced degrees, like Honours or a master’s degree, so ensure you obtain great results, especially in the science sections. An another 2 to 3 years of academic study should allow you to specialize in a particular type of environmental consulting, such as land-use planning, hazardous waste or air and environmental quality. This will certainly make it easier to get a job and assist you to command an increased income.

5. Obtain jobs in governmental or private consulting. With corresponding work experience, a BS and MS, you will have the credentials required for a consulting career. Obtain work with the EPA or various other government agencies, also try private consulting companies as the biggest job growth in the sector is currently within the private sector. If you have experience or enjoy public relations or communications, you can consult about environmental education. Governmental and private companies often hire individuals to do research or public education and learning programs.