Entry Level Environmental Consultant Jobs (Graduate Jobs)

If you are looking for a job in the role of Environmental Consultant, there are a few links below of places to begin your search. Naturally there are an increasing number of positions becoming available in this expanding field and the important thing to begin your career once you’ve got your qualification is to get some experience under your belt. It may also be worth considering some volunteer work to build up your amount of experience in the beginning.

Consultancy forms the single biggest employing sector for environmental specialists. There are a large number of companies offering environmental consulting services, and many of the smaller sized ones focus their work in particular sectors. Others specialise in specific services, such as environmental impact assessments or audits. The bigger consultancies have, generally speaking, evolved from firms that initially made their names in sectors such as waste management, civil engineering or water and sewage.

Various other employers of environmental consultants consist of: district authorities; central government; non-governmental and wildlife organisations; pressure and preservation organization.

The client bases of consultancies include all sectors of commerce and industry, in addition to local and central government, in the UK and globally. Legislation stays the significant driver for expansion in the UK environmental industry, very closely followed by new development, infrastructure and regeneration.

The greatest growth areas in consultancy are forecast to be in climate change (emissions management), waste management and sustainability, followed closely by environmental impact assessment and contaminated land management. In the longer term, opportunities are expected to be growing further afield in the developing regions of India, China and South America.

Here are some places you might try to begin with. Good luck in your job hunting.

http://www.ecolsoc.org.au/opportunities   (has international jobs listed and some volunteer opportunities)