Environmental Consultant Salary UK

Graduate starting salaries usually range from £20,000 to £24,500. The specific figure depends on the particular professional domain and on whether there are abilities shortfalls in the consultancy industry. Location is likewise a key factor and there can be vast differences depending upon the geographical location of a job.
Incomes for consultant grade positions, for those with an average of 2 to 5 years of experience, normally vary from £22,000 to £33,000.
Incomes for more advanced consultant grade positions, for those with around 5 to 10 years of experience, typically range from £33,000 to £44,000. For those at principal consultant grade, generally with ten or even more years of experience, wages range between £38,500 and £55,000.
•Companies may offer additional benefits such as smart phones, laptops, home working alternatives, vehicle allocations, company cars, pension schemes and share plans.
•Greater wages are possible with postgraduate qualifications, experience and company skills. They are likewise more common when specializing high demand areas such as environmental impact assessment, contaminated land and waste management.
•Work hrs commonly include routine extra hours, but not shifts. Some consultancies might run a flexi-time or overtime system. Weekend working might be necessary in order to comply with client target dates and when executing site inspection services that hinges on good weather.
•Work is office-based with time spent outdoors doors on site visits. This varies depending upon the project, and there might be time frames when you are in the office for a several weeks, and others when you are on site. As consultants gain more experience, the quantity of office-based task increases.
•Environmental consultants normally perform as part of a small multidisciplinary unit, although some agreements may involve carrying out solo field work (away from home).
•Self-employment/freelance work is in some cases feasible, although not likely without substantial experience. There are possibilities for contract work.
•Increasing environmental regulation means that there is growing need for consultancy services.
•Jobs are offered in most areas, but much more work is offered in big towns and cities than in rural areas.
•Site-based work could require travel and absence from home over night.
•Professional abilities are constantly in demand; and those with skills and qualifications in ecology, hydrogeology and air dispersion modeling, as an example, will be very employable and might determine a greater salary.
Salary data given by Acre. Figures are simply intended as an overview.